Sunday, 21 April 2019

Lagos xcapes


My name is victor. I was born and raised in the north, 6ft tall broad chest and a very sharp clipper in between my legs. Most importantly a very skillful barber, meaning all my customers dared for more.
It all began June 2018, on my arrival to Lagos I stayed in my uncle’s house whose wife actually runs mini restaurant and bar somewhere around ojo, they had three(3) pretty girls working for them chioma, Amaka and Ezinne.
Chioma was actually the one that I got attracted to earlier, though she seems so matured and advanced in age, than the  other two, she is light skinned and has a well curved hips that rolls freely with ease while she walks, what really attracted me this Shima was her tits. I was lucky to see her in the morning when she just finish taking her bath Omo the bobby stand still de tell me how are u!! Immediately my guy man gave me a standing ovation, the babe nipples sharp and I was already feeling them in my mouth, I was lost in the imagination of sucking her oranges, though portable because actually I like them big like melon, but this one scatter my dada, she almost noticed it because I was on my boxers, all through that day she looked at me with a smile, don’t know what this babe is planning but I was ready for it,
That evening I got a text from an unknown number asking me to accompany her home when she closes that day because she normally go home after 3days, I never gave her my number and I did not ask her where she got it, who cares when she has actually made my job easier.
Later that night when she closed I accompanied her to the bus stop where she was to take a bus to IYANABA. She did not say a word neither did I uttered any, because I was still amazed, but to burst my burbles, when she was about to step into the bus she gave me a snap kiss and whispered to my ears to get ready for her tonight. I stood there like a log of wood imagining if this girl na witch, I actually managed to take myself upstairs back to my uncles sitting room which I actually use as my bed room, I turned on the television minutes after my uncle joined me as usual for the network news, he slept off after the news I became worried since chioma told me she was coming. So I tapped the old man to go join his wife in the bed room. Minutes later I had a knock on the door it was chioma b4 I finished opening the net on the door she had jumped on the 3seater couch I quickly turn off the lite and put on my favorite night song falling in love by solexde to avoid people outside hearing our conversation, before I knew it chioma has off her dresses and she was only left with her catapults pant and bra, the next word she said was come closer let me see what u got,
Immediately we engaged in intense kissing and smooching, I wasted no time to grab her soft succulent boobs next I already planted my lips on them and gave her nipples a good suck and soft bite I could hear her moan in her local dialect next I gradually used my fingers to locate her panties, swiftly I slide my fingers in an out of her honey pot in style, suddenly her moaning increased by every thrust I was given, she was already wet and her juicy juices where already dripping out of her nicely shaved punana, immediately she pulled off her panties and I gave her a good suck making sure my impact was felt, while I was doing this, her ringtone was enough to wake the next door neighbors but luckily my favorite track by solexde was there to provide a shield from any suspense her ringtone could arouse.
Chioma surprised me when she asked me it’s her turn to work on me, then I knew I was in for a long ride, she’s actually is a good kisser and a pro in the sucking department, she sucked my anaconda and gave it a deep throat while using her hands to swezz my balls, and I was already on cloud9 that I didn’t realize when she inserted my 9inch nigro into her glory hole, she pumped me so had that I almost cum in the 1st 5mins, now she seems tired and asked me to come in via the back door which I gave her with the speed of lite, the frequency of my pumping waist seized her voice for a while I thought she was already Cumming, she was gasping for air when I lifted her up for my favorite helicopter style which I knew at this point she was going to cum, with her hands across my neck my two hands holding her legs I trusted into her like I was punishing her for an offence. I banged her so had that I could feel her cum dripping through my legs her voice was so loud that I had to use my tongue to chock her mouth to avoid waking the neighbors, faster I went on she was tapping and begging me to stop but It was as if she was asking me to speed faster and more harder, I continued until I had her Cumming again but this time it was heavier than the first, I laid her back to the bed and now I was seeking for my own satisfaction which I can easily attain easily only while using the popular missionary position. I fixed the pillow under her back to be able to access her pussy easier, I mounted on her and continued with the speed of lite we were both on cloud9 again she released again I could feel her moan skipping like she was gasping for air and her juice was all over my anaconda, b4 I thrust in twice I also climaxed and I released all over her body, with a smile on my face I nonchalantly asked her if she needed more, so tired she looked and could hardly breathe freely she slept off, hours later b4 cock crow I started smooching and sucking her boobs when I realized she was wet again I mounted on her again though she was still weak I pounded her like my life depends on it while I was sucking her boobs she actually pretended like she was at sleep but when I reached my climaxed and folded her boobs with all intensity she gave me a loud moan noticing me that she was about Cumming just as me, together we achieved organism and we both laid on the bed like lugs of woods till when we had a knock on the bed, she quickly dressed up, when I opened the door, it was Amaka her colleague looking at us with a shock and surprise writing all over her face,

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

urgent job recruitment in kaduna

Yesconcpt is recruiting urgently to fill the post of sales representative.
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